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Life Breathe Deeply, Flourish Freely

At Breathe&Flourish, we believe that true well-being encompasses more than just physical health; it's a harmonious integration of mind, body, and soul.

Life Breathe Deeply
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My Story

Awaken Your Best Self with Breathe&Flourish

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Integrating Mind, Body, and Spirit through Breathe&Flourish

Breathe&Flourish was founded as a result of my passion for sharing the tools that I have been mastering throughout life as a personal testimony of how they can bring effective change and wellbeing when you integrate Mind, Body and Spirit in your practice.
My yoga practice goes back forty years, but I have been using basic breathwork techniques since childhood, thanks to a book about a tibetan monk that became popular in those days. Breathing helped my young days during my dreaded visits to the dentist, has relieved stress during my adolescence and successfully aided me during labour at the natural childbirth of my two daughters.
However the real transformation came when I experienced a kind of post-natal depression where all my systems were coming to a collapse leaving me

Life Breathe Deeply

without being able to walk or stand upright. It was then that a friend (my angel) invited me to a kundalini yoga class where a mix of breath, movement, mantra chants, and mediation worked their magic and so, at the end of the session I as able to move freely, releasing a bath of tears. I also found an Infant Massage class that through loving touch lightened up a deep bond with my baby, understanding her cues and listening to her needs.
The rest is a happy history.
My -sometimes annoying- curious mind has led me to delve deeply into the why these tools are so transformative, being a source of energy and leaving you so unexplainably happy.
So, after over twenty years practicing, studying and teaching yoga, mindfulness and meditation, as well as relishing in the art of massage, I came to the conclusion that the magic ingredient from which all wellness practices emerge is BREATH.
So basic, simple and marvellous!
The more I learn about it, the more I wish to infuse the world this enthusiasm, as I have witnessed again and again the power it has to help you regain your health, happiness and one-ness with the universe.

Estela is a certified Breathwork Facilitator (from Breathing Space, UK); a Yoga Alliance certified Vinyasa (USA) and Kundalini Yoga (Spain) Teacher; she offers Mindfulness Therapies with a certificate of Mindfulness for Wellbeing and Peak Performance, Monash University (Australia) and is also a certified Infant Massage instructor (international Association of Infant Massage, IAIM).

With a BA in Literature from Sheffield University (UK) and a Masters Degree in Environment, she has worked as a translator and Programme Manager in Barcelona and London. As an anecdote, she studied for a B.Sc in Physics (UNAM), which she left after a year when she travelled to the UK.
As life would have it, she worked at PwC London as welcome host, has been selling trinkets in the street, worked in the film production, been a theatre actress, cleaned schools and what not. She cherishes these experiences to her heart!

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What Our Client Says

"Working with Ink of Knowledge was an absolute pleasure. Their attention to detail and commitment to quality transformed my manuscript into a masterpiece. I couldn't be happier with the final result."

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Nikhil Choubey


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