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Unlock Your Potential for a Life of Well-being

Discover a diverse range of classes designed to nurture your mind, body, and soul. Whether you're a beginner or an experienced practitioner, our offerings cater to all levels. Join us for a transformative experience.

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What We Do

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Online Classes

Free Weekly Breathwork

At B&F we also offer workshops that amalgamate Breathwork with the most effective and refined elements of the ancient Hatha and Kundalini tradition with safe aligned modern practices like Vinyasa and the use props to help you experience the best version of yourself.
This practice is deeply transformative.

It leads to overall wellbeing, physical strength and stamina and enhances cognitive function, emotional fitness, and inner awareness.


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Online Classes

Tapping Your Breath

Explore the connection between breath and emotional well-being in this unique class. Learn how conscious breathing can support emotional release and promote inner balance.


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Online Classes

Power Breathe with the Gong

Elevate your breathwork practice with the resonant vibrations of the gong. This dynamic class combines powerful breathwork techniques with the transformative sound of the gong.



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