Yoga inspires. It brings clarity and strength by integrating the mind, body and soul that all too often become disconnected independent entities. The practice entails a journey through physical poses while keeping steady control over the breath and mind.  With consistency, yoga can empower you from within and in turn fill your life with awareness and meaning - both, on the mat and off. 

Private tuition can be immensely rewarding, as it is a direct investment into your holistic wellbeing. People choose private lessons over group sessions for a variety of reasons and these can include:

  • To gain a deeper understanding of yoga history and philosophy

  • To gain confidence

  • To ensure they are correctly and safely aligned

  • To support their rehabilitation after an injury or an ongoing condition

  • To make the most of their available time

  • To receive extra motivation and so much more

Private yoga lessons are much more than just learning the postures and each session can be tailor made to particular requirements.  Clients may wish to work on specific injuries, health concerns, weaknesses, or energy blockages. They may wish to partake in a strong class building strength and flexibility or they may require a more restorative option for unwinding and relaxation.

If you are London based and interested in working with a private teacher, please get in touch using the contact page.

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