Express Wellness Boost - 3 Day Course

This course was created at the request of some of my students who were looking for practical self-development resources. In a nutshell, it’s for anyone looking for a comprehensive introduction to the world of self-care and wellbeing but perhaps doesn’t have the time, finances or motivation to attend countless lectures and workshops just yet. The course is delivered over 3 days with each day assigned a particular theme. The material includes a daily lesson and affirmation, a breathing exercise, an open level yoga routine, a journaling prompt, a guided meditation and a bonus worksheet for each day. A certificate of completion will be available on completing the worksheets and all of the audio, video and worksheets will be available for you to download and keep so you can return to them whenever you may need a boost in the future (and all for less than the cost of a single yoga drop-in class)!

How is the course structured?

The course consists of 3 days of material, which should ideally be completed over the course of the week they are delivered in. More specifically, you will receive an e-mail on Monday (07/01/2019), Wednesday (09/01/2019) and Friday (11/01/2019) and will have 2 days to complete the tasks, exercises and reflections on each of the topic. Upon signing up, you will have immediate access to downloadable grounding meditation and an opportunity for a preparatory writing assignment while waiting for the course to officially start on January 7th, 2019. From then, you will receive a daily e-mail with the information and tools you’ll need to take in and complete for each day. The emphasis of all the material I’ve designed is practicality. You can skip the wishy-washy and head straight for the wellbeing tools that have been shown to work and have measurable benefits.

The lenght of time you will need for completing all of the assignments will range from the bare minimum of 30 -90 minutes per day to two hours or more if you are prepared for more in-depth work. The themes of the day and the associated materials are outlined below:

  • Day 1: Grounded & Rejuvenated

    • Grounding Earth Meditation

    • Why Breathing Matters Handout & A Conscious Breathing Exercise

    • A Daily Affirmation and Journaling Prompt

    • A Balance Focused Yoga Practice

    • Understanding Habits Handout + A Printable Habit Tracker

  • Day 2: Positive & Grateful

    • Rejoicing Meditation

    • Releasing Breathingwork

    • Detoxing Focused Yoga Practice

    • A Daily Affirmation and Journaling Prompt

    • Understanding Gratitude Handout + A Printable Worksheet

  • Day 3: Aligned & Manifesting

    • A Yoga Nidra Meditation & Visualisation Exercise

    • Nadi Shodhana Pranayama Exercise (Alternate Nostril Breathing)

    • A Daily Affirmation and Journaling Prompt

    • A Deep Yin Yoga Practise

    • Setting Goals and Understanding Manifestation Handout + Worksheet

This introductory course will provide an excellent introduction to the world of wellbeing and some of its most important self-care practices as illustrated above. You will receive over 20 tools to add to your wellness kit! These include three full length yoga practises and three audio meditations (with a powerful yoga nidra visual journey during which you will be able to set and ground your vision for 2019 and onwards). If the topics mentioned here resonate with you and you are prepared to do some personal development work, please don’t hesitate to sign up below. I look forward to guiding you through this course soon! Please get in touch should you need any additional information.

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