Six Beautiful Songs for a Blissful Savasana

The end of a yoga class is usually spent in complete relaxation in order to allow the body to digest and process the practice undertaken so that it can begin to repair and come back just a little stronger.  I’ve heard many teachers say that it’s the most important part of class and I’d tend to agree – not just for the physical benefits but the mental ones too. It would be entirely counterproductive to rush back into the real world after class without taking at least a couple of minutes for stillness or reflection. This way, that peaceful after class feeling has a chance to be taken into the rest of the day too.  

This complete relaxation, or Savasana as it’s referred to in Sanskrit, can of course be spent in silence (which has the potential to be very powerful) but music could also be considered to assist those especially active wandering minds in focusing their thoughts.  Music has the power to communicate to us at a deeper level. It can invoke positive emotions as well as release those we no longer need. The vibration of the sounds can encourage healing in our many layers of being.  

And so, below is a list of six of my current favorite songs for Savasana, I hope they will cultivate a true sense of inner peace; after practice or anytime of the day when a little lift is needed.

1.) Gayatri Mantra by Lila

2.) Mothers Blessing by Snatam Kaur

3.) Mere Gurudev by Deva Premal

4.) Blue Medicine Buddha Mantra by Lisa Thiel

5.) In Dreams by Jai-Jagdeesh

6.) Om Mani Padme Hum by Jane Winther

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