Be supported on your path to holistic wellbeing

Get truly well this this summer.

As part of my fundraising efforts, I've put together a special holistic wellbeing package for anyone interested in receiving support in getting healthier this summer. This package will include two coaching sessions, unlimited check-ins for the duration of the program as well as a private yoga class + lots of good karma as I'll be sending proceeds to charity.  This offer is limited to three clients per month so if you are interested or curious, please don't hesitate to get in touch using my contact page. 

How will the program work exactly?

  1.  I will arrange for an initial coaching session to get to know you and to identify your patterns, blocks, goals & anything else that may be relevant in your journey to holistic health. 
  2. After the first session, you will receive a mutually agreed upon plan of action to implement over the next 2 weeks.
  3. You can receive unlimited support via e-mail to help you keep on track with your goals. I will check in occasionally and you will also be welcome to get in touch with me with any concerns or questions that come up for you.
  4.  After the 2 weeks, we will have a follow up coaching session to evaluate your progress and tackle any obstacles that may prevent you from keeping on track with your healthy lifestyle in the future. 

Also included will be a private, hour long yoga session tailored to your needs (i.e. beginner friendly, alignment focused, therapeutic, restorative or dynamic depending on your needs)

Please click here if you would like to learn more about coaching and here if you want to learn more about yoga.  The coaching sessions can take place via Skype or telephone. If you are London based the yoga session can take place in person, or alternatively via Skype. 

What does it cost?

The costs is an all-inclusive £200 (including a £75 donation to charity).

How do I book?

Please contact me and briefly describe your goals and why you are interested in working with a coach and I will get in touch with you promptly to confirm if I think we are a good match .