Recipe: Potatos with Sautéed Chanterelle Mushrooms & a Side Salad

When I was growing up in Estonia, Chanterelle mushrooms (kukeseened) were kind of a big deal. As fall approached, there precious little gems would make appearances in our beloved forests and it was a tradition to go foraging and gather as many as we could find.  Traditionally these were then made into a creamy sauce and served alongside another national staple, potatoes; fried, boiled, baked, or mashed - whichever way you fancy.  Maybe it's because of my fond memories of these mushrooms or perhaps just their unique flavor, but I get ridiculously excited when I spot them for sale abroad, like here in the United Kingdom. 

I recently picked some up for sale and cooked them into a delicious lunch. My version forgoes dairy but this is was OK as the distinct flavor of these mushrooms means that they are delicious on their own without added anything! Just pan fry (without oil) until all the water escapes and serve (any other fresh mushrooms will do as a substitute too). Quick, healthy and most importantly, delicious.

Prepare your potatoes. I chose to peel and chop into small cubes for baking.

Season to taste (I used black pepper and a pinch of sea salt) and spread onto nonstick baking tray). Turn on the oven to 250C and bake until they become golden brown and crispy; I didn't use any oil and the potatoes came out just fine! Depending on the oven type you may have to mix them halfway for even cooking.

Prepare your mushrooms.  Wash and chop into smaller pieces and then let them simmer on medium to high heat until the water has nearly evaporated.  This should take about 10 minutes - and then season to taste.

Prepare a fresh green salad to compliment (I just used mixed greens, tomatoes and cucumber with fresh lemon juice as a dressing but sky's the limited, use whatever you have available) and voila, serve everything and enjoy!