Practicing Gratefulness + Free Printable PDF Download of a Gratitude Log

Feeling stuck or uninspired can be the result of being caught up in the daily routines of life without taking a moment to pause and appreciate all that we are and all that we have.  This is where gratitude can help; as an adjective it means feeling deeply appreciative of something possessive, whether that is receiving the help of a stranger or having a warm home or anything else appropriate to the individual circumstances.  Consciously practicing gratitude has the potential to be a great self-development tool and bring more light into our lives, as there is a huge amount of supportive evidence for receiving emotional as well as interpersonal benefits in return.

The popularity and effectiveness of practicing gratitude may be down to it making us consciously aware of how lucky we are to be alive as well as drawing the focus back to more positive elements of our lives. It’s incredibly easy to focus on the negatives as their effect on our psyches are much more profound and more severely than positives.  Having difficult days is completely normal of course as we need a combination for balance but maintaining a daily practice of reflection is likely to provide a better perspective and reassurance.  

My favorite way to incorporate gratitude into my routine is to simply write down 3 things I’m grateful for that day and I usually do it right before bed. The practice is so simple, it hardly takes any time away from my day and it provides me with the chance to reflect and evaluate in a gentle manner.  I often notice an immediate soothing effect and cannot recommend it enough.  I’ve provided a printable template below to maybe keep on your bedside table for those interested.