Three Websites to Visit for Daily Doses of Inspiration

Our most popular websites in the West include social media, online shops, mainstream news, and celebrity gossip.  All serve their purpose and some can even make our lives easier on occasion but I know that in the past I’ve had times where I found myself mindlessly scrolling through feeds looking for something worthwhile to capture my attention without much avail.  Thankfully, I’ve since discovered a whole new world of constantly expanding high quality content designed around healthy and mindful living that can actually add value to my life.

Well&Good – Years ago, I used to be an avid follower of the NYC edition of the online portal but they now have a universal version that is amazing. Definitely targeted towards women, it includes articles on physical wellbeing, skincare and fitness to name a few. My favorite series is the ‘Refrigerator Lookbook’ where you can peek inside fridges of people from the wellbeing industry.

Elephant Journal – The articles here are really personal and you’ll usually be able to tell right away that even the most informative, traditional-news style like articles are written from the heart and come with an opinion based on experience, which can be beautiful thing.  Elephant Journal is also a home to general creative writing and can be a lovely way to spend a few moments.

Peaceful Dumpling – An entirely vegan network which includes recipes and lifestyle guidance but is definitely not only limited to diet.  There are well thought out articles of style and fitness as well as relationships and travel. 


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