Dear Visitor,

Welcome; Breathe & Flourish is a platform to share my work and services as a psychologist, yoga teacher and coach.  My work centres on holistic wellness through an evidence-based approach. I believe that authentic happiness can only be achieved through looking after yourself as a whole which may require work across all domains of your life such as relationships, physical health, stress, work-life balance, family and many more.

Making any kind of lasting positive changes requires action and it can be daunting to even try to figure out where to begin.  It is no secret that most people are well intentioned and genuinely want to be their ideal self, one that is productive, savvy, healthy and fit.  Yet, getting to this ideal self often appears out of reach despite the good intentions and this can be due to countless reasons such as lack of time, tools, or support to name just a few.  I can support you in making sense of these obstacles and provide practical tools and encouragement to help you overcome them. 

My philosophy is based on the holistic approach – the mind, body and soul are interconnected and need to be looked after with equal importance so that the authentic self may flourish.